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Hannah and Julie 2.0

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may have noticed that a few things have changed. We’ve done some spring cleaning if you will, except it’s not the spring, and we didn’t actually clean anything. (Frantically waving a scrubbing bubbles toilet wand in front of your laptop screen does not ‘clean up’ your blog’s home page. We tried.) We have a new look and a few new ways to make it easier for YOU, our darling twelve readers, to keep up with our college adventures:

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  • Tell your friends about our Facebook and our Twitter! Tell them you’ve been one of the twelve from the beginning!
  • If there’s something you want us to write about, tell us. We accept Facebook posts, Tweets, and notes delivered by carrier pigeon.

So, with that, we blog on. This new template has bigger font and better pictures and perfectly fits our straight faces in that little oval at the top, but the pages where we previously posted the “About Hannah” and “About Julie” sections are a little hard to find. So we’re bringing the About Pages to you.

About Julie (by Hannah):

She is a bendy person. I know I should probably start with something else, like how she understands Neurology and is able to use words like ‘arcuatefasciculis’ in the correct context, or how her full name is really Julianne because her parents wanted her to be a Supreme Court Justice someday, or how she took five children to the beach this summer and managed to keep all of them alive. But she can bend down, grab her heels from behind her heels, straighten her legs, and press her forehead into her shins. Without dying. It is both inspiring and a little bit disturbing to witness. “Hey, Julie,” said one of our favorite instructors as we left the sweaty Bikram studio one night this summer. “You know we compete, right?”

So Jules has the potential to become an award-winning bendy-ass person. That’s probably the first thing you should know. She also worked her butt off this summer to save for a semester in Ireland, where she will be studying this spring. She has a lot of hair and she likes taking the scenic route home. She always sleeps on top of her comforter. She has this magical ability to teach kids and make them love her at the same time—it’s like she’s half Mary Poppins and half Jack Black’s character in School of Rock. Someday, after she gets her undergraduate degree in Communications Sciences and Disorders (with a minor in Creative Writing) and then her graduate degree in Speech Pathology, she is going to be the best damn speech therapist the world has ever seen. And she still wears a lot of black tank tops.

About Hannah (by Julie):

She answers to many names. First and most often: Hannah. Also, Hann. HD. Occasionally, “you doofus,” when she confidently walks the wrong way on campus. She spent her summer writing a fantasy novella and sweating profusely next to me in yoga. This semester she’s taking classes that have her up at all hours of the night reading medieval Spanish poetry. She’s nuts. Hannah went from having no major to having all the majors, and she’s settled on English and International Affairs with a minor in Spanish, which is a mouthful. One day she’s going to publish her Young Adult novel and I will be the first in line to buy it. Her likes are chocolate, elephant puns, and that song from Ice Princess when Michelle Trachtenberg keeps falling down. She’s an impressive yogi and an even more impressive writer. And a doofus.

We’re just going to assume that you’ve been missing our weekly doses of wit and wisdom, or at least the goofy pictures we post of each other when they pop up on your Facebook feed. Probably more of the last part, but let’s just pretend that neither of us know that. We’ll be posting every Monday again, starting with Hannah next week. We’ll see you then, lovebugs.

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The School Year In Review

Not to get all nostalgic on you, but we’re sad to say that this school year is coming to a close. We’ve taken our finals, submitted our papers, and shoved all of our belongings in trash bags to take home for the summer. (Hannah moved out yesterday, and she owned roughly 80% of our room so 434 is looking especially empty today.) The end of the year feels bittersweet.

It’s sweet because finals are ending and we don’t have to hide in the darkest corners of the library for hours on end to write papers and make flashcards until we forget what sunlight feels like. In our newly-found free time we’ve mostly been finding romantic comedies to watch, planning to lambaste them, but ultimately falling into a comatose silence while we watch them then wonder after why we did that in the first place. We’ve been specializing in the Miles Teller RomCom genre, which is surprisingly extensive. That Awkward Moment and The Spectacular Now are just a few mediocre movies that you can add to your list.

It’s bitter because Hannah, Natalia and I will no longer be sharing a room. (Thank god we all live in the same town.) We’ll miss dining hall breakfasts and the endless supplies of chocolate chip cookies. But most of all, we’ll be bummed because this blog will be taking a break for the summer, to return when we come back to school in the fall.

So, for our last post for a while, we’ve compiled a “Best Of” list for this year, our sophomore years in college. Please enjoy.


That time we jumped out of a plane:


That time we practiced jumping out of a plane:


That time we played real-life MarioKart. (I’d like to point out that we were on our way to see the One Direction movie, a decision we’re only mildly ashamed of.)


That time Hannah travelled all the way to London but was just as goofy as she is here:


That time we learned to ski:


That time Andie looked like this, (featuring Meg doing homework):


That time we learned how to vacuum for ourselves, like big people:


That time Hannah looked like a teletubby:


That time Andie looked like Strega Nona


(For comparison):


So that’s it for us for a while, friends! Hannah and I are working on some cool things this summer. She’s starting a novel, and we’re going to be writing a screenplay together. We’ll also be working on re-vamping this site, so make sure you check us out again in the fall. We’ll have some cool stuff for you, we promise.

And above all, thanks so much for reading. (Special thanks to Andie for letting me post a bunch of goofy pictures of her.)



Julie Doing Yoga in Weird Places

“Yeah, I’m bendy. That’s about all I got goin’ for me.” -Julie

In case you couldn’t tell from Jules’ previous post, sometimes she and I do yoga. And by sometimes, I mean a lot of the time. We do yoga even when we aren’t doing yoga. It’s a lifestyle, you know? Namaste, chakras, kale, spandex. Scratch the kale though, because that shit’s gross, and the chakras, because we can only ever remember the forehead one. So our yoga lifestyle consists largely of not showering for as long as possible after practice and overusing the hands-in-prayer iPhone emoji.

And, most importantly, Julie Doing Yoga in Weird Places.

JDYWP started at a party at Franklin Pierce University, where we were visiting our good friend Dylan from high school. Jules and I were talking about yoga (obviously, what else is there to talk about at a party) and we realized there was enough room where we were standing for Julie to demonstrate Tree Pose. And she did. In the middle of Dylan’s apartment. Surrounded by people we had just met.

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 4.35.01 PM

It was awesome. Thus, JDYWP was born.

I think it’s important to note that Julie is probably the bendiest person I know. She can put her palms flat on the ground with straight legs. She can crank her foot behind her head. Sometimes her arm does this.


Okay so that last one is less due to bendiness and more due to the fact that she broke her arm in three places in fourth grade, but still. The girl can yoga. I, on the other hand, grimace every time I have to sit on my knees, and my hips are so tight that sitting in the butterfly position feels like well-orchestrated political torture. Being a decidedly un-bendy person, I am fascinated by Julie’s flexibility. She’s like my own personal Gumby. I just twist her leg around her waist and leave her places.

Sometimes JDYWP happens of its own accord. Sometimes it happens because I realize we’re in a public place with enough room for contortion and shout, “JULES! DO SOME YOGA!” Every time it happens I try to capture the magic on camera, with what I’d estimate to be an 85% success rate. (JDYWP happens with or without a camera handy. I just take it upon myself to be primary documenter of the phenomenon.)

Here’s what I’ve gathered thus far.




(Note the mysterious leg bruise.)






Stay bendy, my friends.

The Gym

Yoga Misadventures

Hannah and I do a lot of yoga. There’s a vinyasa studio down the street from our dorm, and we try to practice three or four times a week. It’s a small, symmetrical room with blue and green walls, lanterns that throw a soft yellow light, and calming music that permeates the air. The instructors are friendly and encouraging, always telling us to move with our breath and work to our edge. One time we were entering our grueling third minute of high lunge. Our quads were on fire and our arms had been extended over our heads for far too long. Then the instructor, a petite and cheerful redhead, paused and said this with the most serene smile on her face.

This moment, right here, is good.

I wanted to punch her and burst out laughing at the same time. It should be noted that she was not lunging endlessly with us.

But in the end, yoga is consistently one of the best parts of my day. I’m thankful every time I walk out of class that I get to devote an hour of my time to meditation and awkward stretching. And after months of practice, we’ve gotten fairly decent at it. We have our own mats and I have this one top with fancy shoulder straps that totally makes me look the part. I wouldn’t call us yoga novices, but today a few things happened that reminded me how un-Namaste I can be.

I was waiting in line to fill up my water bottle when an instructor, an endearing older man, called me Megan. We’ve been taking his classes for months, but he still gets my name wrong pretty much every time. We started chatting idly about the other ways he’s messed up my name which include calling me Julia and referring to me as Mrs. instead of Miss.

I sat back down on my mat, and a kind-faced woman set up next to me. She must have overheard the previous conversation because she stared at my hands and asked, “So, Julie, you’re married?” At least she got my name right. I clarified that no, I’m very much not married while Hann laughed hysterically.

Now for this next one, let me set the scene in the rest of the studio. People lie splayed out on their backs, stretching vigorously with their knees up by their ears. Some meditate, eyes closed and breathing deeply. Others chat with neighbors in soft, tranquil voices. Hannah and I were fantasizing about when this day would end when she reminded me that I still had to write this blog post.

And for a second, drowning in my own despair, I forgot where I was and half-whispered, half-yelled “FUCK” in a quiet yoga studio. I also curled up in a ball and rolled around on the floor a little bit. This move was less outlandish given my surroundings. Hann laughed at me the whole time.

Pop Culture

The Cop-Out Post

My friends, I am tired. I also just ate an entire Hershey’s bar in under three minutes. That’s a personal record.

So Jules and I made this promise to each other when we started this whole blogging business that we could each have one cop-out post. That cop-out post could include a fun video, joke, song, etc. to distract our audience from the fact that we are avoiding writing at all costs. Julie once left her fans with a link to the music video for Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford & Sons. I’m not sure what I’m leaving you with yet, but it will probably include puns.

In my defense, I really did just try to write you guys a witty blog post. It was going to be about life as a broke student on a college campus, because I am currently a broke student on a college campus. I envisioned a list of how-to’s for having fun without a disposable income. A few funny anecdotes to illustrate how our friends get creative with spending. I was even going to work in one of my favorite Julie-isms from when her account balance dips below $32. (“Welp, we’re below freezing.”)

But the words just were not flowing tonight, ladies and gents. Hopefully the sugar buzz from the Hershey’s bar kicks in soon so I can read a few more acts of this Shakespeare play before tomorrow. And I’ve decided what I’m leaving with you with. A playlist to rule all playlists.

Songs That Remind Me of Cops:


Also self-explanatory.

…you don’t have to PUT ON THE RED LIGHT

Pretty sure I did a hip-hop dance to this when I was nine. Even then I thought the siren was badass.


Pop Culture

When Shows End: The Five Stages of Grief

You know the feeling when you finish a really good book? Or a really good series of books? It’s happy and sad and emotional to the point where it’s physically uncomfortable. Those characters that you know so well have grown up, moved on, or if it’s Shakespeare then they’ve all died. (But only lunatics read Shakespeare for fun so screw that.)
I get a similar sense of nostalgia when I finish a T.V series. What I’m trying to say is that How I Met Your Mother ended a few weeks ago and it was radical in the sense that my life hasn’t been quite the same ever since. We watched it on our futon and Andie cried. It was one of the most emotionally-packed hours of my life, but by far the moment that got me the worst was when pictures of the main characters from the first season flashed across the screen with the theme song playing in the background. I’m a pretty nostalgic person, and this kind of stuff gets me every time.
One of the only other shows I’ve felt a connection to that rivals How I Met Your Mother is Malcolm in the Middle. When my family finally invested in Netflix, the first thing I did was watch the pilot episode and series finale back to back. It’s turned into a ritual, and I’ve done it probably two or three times since. I get pretty emotional every time. I’m not sure what this says about me.
Then, you enter the Five Stages of Grief: Netflix edition. It’s okay. We know what you’re going through.

Stage One: Shock- Yup, it’s over. Those characters are done saying those witty things, whatever happened at the end of Breaking Bad happened, and you have no idea what to do with yourself. I’d suggest talking it out, but make sure you don’t ruin the end for someone because then you are the worst.

Stage Two: Grief- Now it’s been twenty minutes since the credits rolled and all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position and be nostalgic for seasons past. It’s okay. Let it all out.
*(Avoid dwelling in this stage for too long. Remember, it’s just a show. There are plenty of series on Netflix, and you’ve got an affinity for procrastination.)

Stage Three: Anger- That finale was total crap. What were the writers thinking? Those two people were not meant to be together. All the wrong people died. Were the really dead the whole time? I demand a re-write.

Stage Four: Re-Infatuation- Suddenly it dawns on you that you can watch the entire thing from the beginning again! Or at least your favorite episodes here and there. You start listening to songs from the soundtrack again and when you hear Bizarro by Citizen King, (a gem from the Malcolm in the Middle soundtrack,) you get really emotional. This too shall pass.

Stage Five: Acceptance- It’s over, and that’s okay. Maybe you go outside and get some fresh air. Maybe you actually start doing homework again. Maybe you start another show and continue to ignore all responsibility. Either way, you made it and we’re proud of you.


Playing Dress-Up

After getting back from dinner about an hour and a half ago, Julie and I realized that we both have obscene amounts of work to get done before we go to bed. Being the ambitious, organized, and dedicated students that we are, we decided to drop everything and try on all the dresses in both of our closets. 

We listened to this song. The whole thing probably should’ve been a movie montage.

So now we’re both sitting at our desks in semi-miserable silence, trying to work on important things and restrain ourselves from going back for a third serving from the 5-pound bag of M&Ms on our dresser. Well, I’m working on important things at least. It looks like Julie’s doing actual homework.

photo 1

(Candid #1. My flash went off, so she knows something’s up.)

In other news, I went to a ball this weekend.

If you’re one of the twelve people who have been following my blogging career from the beginning, you might remember my cousin Kristina, who runs a lot faster than she says she does and isn’t actually my biological cousin. She’s studying badass international things at Georgetown University, and she was kind enough to invite me to be her plus-one to the 89th Annual Diplomatic Ball. (She also dressed me head-to-toe and made me promise not to burp in front of anyone. What are fake cousins for, right?)


The ball was in an art gallery with marble floors and a grand staircase that made me feel like the princess in every movie ever aimed at twelve year old girls. (The Princess Diaries. Anastasia. A Cinderella Story. What A Girl Wants. Take your pick.) We ate little foods on sticks and mingled until we thought our feet were going to fall off. Towards the end of the night, after most of the diplomats had gone home, the jazz band was replaced by a DJ who played throwback club hits. Singing the lyrics to the third verse of “Yeah” by Usher (won’t stop til I get em in their birthday suuuuuits) in a ball gown at a swanky art gallery only a few blocks from the White House had to be one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. In an awesome kind of way.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2

So, in conclusion, I have the best fake cousin in the world, and I am capable of going six hours without burping. (There were some nonbelievers before the swanky excursion.) For now I should probably go join Julie in doing actual homework. She migrated from her desk to her bed. I’m actually pretty impressed she hasn’t fallen asleep yet.

photo 3

(Candid #2. Waited ten minutes to see if a candid nap shot was a possibility, but no such luck. No flash this time though. I’m the best.)

Goodnight all. And Jules, I think you’re my new muse.